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A Global Methodist Congregation
Jasper, Alabama
Since its inception, God’s Spirit has enlivened the Methodist movement. In the 1720s John and Charles Wesley and friends at Oxford University met together to deepen their Christian faith through daily, practical spiritual disciplines.


February 25, 2024
Series: Living Lent
Scripture: John 15:1-8
Sermon: "Living Like Your Best Fruit Tree"

Rev. Alan Beasley, Senior Pastor


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If you do not have a church home, we would be very happy for you to join us!


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Jasper First Methodist History
Jasper First Methodist was founded in 1833



If you do not have a church
home, we would be very happy
for you to join us!

Celebration Service
Sunday 8:30 a.m.

Traditional Service
Sunday 11 a.m.


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Daily Devotionals

Growing Moments in the Presence of God

Trained in the tradition of John Wesley and steeped in over thirty years of prayer, meditation, and service to his pastoral ministry, author Alan Beasley is a man who lives for the word of God.

In this collection of devotionals, he shares moments from his own encounters with God in order to inspire and lead others toward a life of more robust prayer and worship.

Beasley writes each morning without any forethought or pretense, instead relying upon the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to inform his musings. He starts with a daily verse from the Bible, then sheds light on the truth of the scripture and ushers readers to a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Copies are available in the Church Office or order online at Amazon:

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